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Vintage RoAD SIGn HIRE

Our vintage signs have been used in classic films such as the remake of the Railway Children, The Woman in Black, and Car Insurance TV Ads such as Go Compare. This has inspired us to rent out four vintage signs for period dramas and for the production of films set back in the 1930's, 40's, 50's & 60's. 

Rent out our vintage signs for period dramas and films, as well as for advertisement productions in historical settings. We will also consider hiring these out for vintage car shows.

We are able to hire out the vintage painted aluminium lettering for generic film prop signs so that everything is in keeping. These screw on with solid brass screws, one can see an example of this in the photo above for HK RLWY STATION.

Feel free to contact us below for more information.

Our High Secification Seasoned Hardwood
Our Large Vintage Cast Metal Double Bend Sign
Our Vintage Cast Metal Bridge Height Sign
Our Vintage Cast Metal 30 MPH Speed Limit Sign
Our Vintage Cast Metal Level Crossing Sign
Our Vintage Cast Metal Low Bridge Sign 2
Our Vintage Cast Metal Low Bridge Sign
Our Vintage Cast Metal School Torch Sign
Our Vintage Cast Metal Speed Limit Sign
Our Vintage Road Junction Sign
Our Vintage Cast Metal Bend Sign
Old Steep Hill Sign
Our 1950_s School Sign
Our 1950_s No Through Road Sign
Old Road Jubction Sign
Our 1950_s Vintage Children Sign

Our vintage road traffic signs can be seen in historic TV series such as The Avengers filmed back in the 1960s.

Our Traditional Vintage Kent Invita Cast Metal Village Nameplatws
Our Vintage Signs From the 1950's  1
Our Vintage Signs From the 1950's  3 JPG.
Our Vintage Signs From the 1950's  4 JPG..
Our Traditional Vintage 1920's Surrey Seasoned Hardwood Finger Post Signs 2
Our High Secification Seasoned Hardwood Sign Using Unbreakable Embossed Aluminium Letterin
Our Lees Corner Traditional Kent Finger Post Sign 1
Our Traditional Vintage 1920's Surrey Seasoned Hardwood Finger Post Signs 1
Our Vintage Surrey Hills Black & White Finger Post Sign 7 (1)
Our Classic Low Bridge Sign
Our Cllassic 30 MPH Speed Sign
Our Classic Double Bend Sign
Our Classic Halt Sign
Our Classic 30 MPH Sign 2
Vintage Sign Bollards 3 (2)

We were selected to hire out some of our vintage signs for a exciting new television series called Magpie Murders, which was written by Anthony Horowitz. Our classic 1950's signs added a great deal of realism to the rural locations in Suffolk such as Kersey where much of the filming took place. This timeless, picture postcard Suffolk village has of course been used in the past as a film location for the very popular, long running TV series called Lovejoy and near by Lavenham, remembered by many as a notorious film called Witchfinder General starring Vincent Price who played the true life character of Mathew Hopkins.

Having watched many period dramas, these stunning seasoned hardwood and cast metal signs are so often missing from Old England's narrow country lanes and village greens that they once proudly occupied. Our classic black and white finger post sign really did have the impact of taking this village back to the 1950s.  Straight after the location filming was completed. The fictitious sign legends were removed and replaced with the destinations to the real surrounding villages as the parish council were able to take this opportunity, to be rid of their awful modern metric sign post and have our seasoned hard-wood finger - post sign take its place. We felt this was a wonderful achievement, as this finger post sign now looks as if its always been there.   Please do not tolerate the modern metric ugly sign clutter in your village as it's rightful place is in the recycling yard.  This dreadful temporary signage was only ever designed to last for a maximum period of 10 years so how about exchanging this massed produce rubbish for a permanent and traditional finger-post sign that will inspire the locals and visitors to fall back in love with their rural village community. 

(PHOTOSHOPED)Our Surrey Vintage 1920's Traditional Black & White Painted Finger Post Sign.
Our Aluminium Classic 1920s Finger Post Sign Letters2
We Can Still Remember When Buying Anything That Was Proudly Stamped Made in England Meant That It Was the Very Best.  We Believe That This Still Applies Today Regarding Very High-Quality Products That Continue to Be Exported All Over the World.  These Vintage Cars Are Still Selling at Many Times Their Original Purchase Price Due to Them all Being British Sports Car Icons.  

The Avengers in Hampshire High Quality.jpg
The Avengers in Colour 1968 2.jpg
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