Over many years of involvement with England's roadside heritage of cast metal finger post signs, we have gathered a very comprehensive collection of various metal castings and patterns relating to our vintage finger - post signs from England's first generation of motor-transport signage.


This includes cast metal finials, replacement cast metal signs, columns, cast metal spaces, cast metal sign brackets, replacement oak posts, cast metal post crowns, replacement finger arm signs, and traditional aluminium finger-post sign lettering as well as solid brass screw fixings.

Replacing these missing or broken parts can allow your vintage signs to be restored to their former glory when coordinated with a refurbishment.

Our High Secification Seasoned Hardwood
Our Vintage East Sussex Cast Metal Post Crowns
1930's Period Finger Post Sign Lettering
Our Aluminium Classic 1920s Finger Post Sign Letters2
Our Vintage Aluminium Finger Post Sign Letters 1
Our Vintage Seasoned Hardwood Finger Post Sign Arm
Our West Sussex Cast Metal Sign Bracket, Collar and Seasoned Hardwood Sign on the Beach
Our West Sussex Crested Cast Metal Finial
Our Cast Metal Downs Link Cycle Path Vintage Cast Metal Finial
Our Kent Invicta Shields.2 jpg
Cast Metal Finial & Cast Metal Sign Brac
Sussex Iron Post Crown 3.jpg
East Sussex County Crest