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Our Embossed Metal Lettering & Oak Signs

Village Finger Post Signs


Traditional Finger Post Signs

Our Seasoned Hardwood Finger-Post Signs Are The Real Thing 
rather than some embarrassing modern metric poor imitation that would look perfectly at home in some New Town Shopping Centre or a run down Industrial Estate.  If you are considering a Finger-Post Signs for life in your village don't even think about having one made with the tacky and not fit for purpose plastic resin lettering as they simply are not fit for purpose and will break off after being exposed to both sunlight and frost. We use the permanent and indestructible black aluminium vintage lettering which is attached with black stainless steel fixings for a perfect finish. The fact than all of our signs are made to the old feet and inches says it all about why are signs look so good.  No other sign make can even get close to matching either my Rolls Royce ultra high specification or my very competitive prices that are free of VAT. 
Our Ultra High Spec. Seasoned Hardwood Traditional Vintage Kent Finger Post Sign 1.jpg
We have a modest promotion budget due to the very high cost of our materials however we are offering a Spring Deal for both our seasoned hardwood high spec. finger-post signs or permanent cast metal vintage village nameplates  orders received before the 15th of April will be charged at our 2023 Prices. 
Our Vintage Warnham Finger Post Sign 1.jpg
Our Ultra High Spec. Traditional Vintage Surrey Black & White Painted Finger Post Sign.jpg
Our Ultra High Spec. Traditional Vintage Surrey Seasoned Hardwood Finger-Post Sign.png
Note our granite stone chippings drainage foundations that allow the oak to breath beneath the surface which acts to double the lifespan of the oak post. 
Our Vintage Surrey Seasoned Hardwood Finger Post Sign 3.jpg
Our Vintage Sussex Seasoned Harwood Finger Post Sign.jpg
Our Ultra High Spec. Sesoned Hardwood Traditional Sussex Finger Post Sign 1.jpg
Our East Sussex Sign.webp
Our Miniture High Spec. East Sussex Finger Post Sign.webp
Our Wiltshire Sign 1.webp
We make the very best and highest specification period finger-post signs in Great Britain.  Our stunning vintage signs can be seen in Devon, Cornwall, Wiltshire, The Cotswolds, Hampshire, West & East Sussex, Surrey, Kent & beyond.    
Our Vintage Black & White Finger Post Sign at Castle Combe in Wiltshire.jpg
Our Classic Kent Period Finger Post Sign.webp
Our Vintage Surrey High Spec. Seasoned Hardwood Finger Post Signs.jpg

Here we have a very simple choice between Beauty & The Beast.   I rest my case as this photo clearly says it all.

Beauty & The Beast. I Rest My Case..jpg
Our Stunning Seasoned Hardwood Ashdown Forest Finger Post Sign.jpg
Our Ashdown Forest Seasoned Hardwood Finger Post Signs 9.JPG
Our Surrey Hills Classic 1920’s Seasoned Hardwood Ultra High Spec. Black & White Painted F
Our Tradtional Seasoned Hardwood High Spec_edited.jpg
Our Ashdown Forest Seasoned Hardwood Finger Post Signs 2.JPG
Our Ultra High Spec Kent Invicta Seasoned Hardwood 1920's Vintage 1920's Finger Post Sign.
Our Classic Black & White Painted Seasoned Hardwood Vintage Surrey Hills Finger Post Sign.

Any Year Before 1964 Would Do For A Start

The 1920’s Flapper Girls.jpg
Tiger Moth.jpg
Our Surrey Hills Sunse.jpg
Our Vintage 1936 K6 Telephone Box.jpg
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