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Using the classic painted aluminium lettering is essential when creating a period finger post sign as it is indistructable, non-corrosive and never needs to be replaced, unlike the cheap and nasty plastic letters which cant be painted and become brittle with exposure to common sunlight and frost and seasonal changes to tempature. It always results in breaking off, not to mention its very tacky appearence. To be honest, the resin letters are not fit for purpose and a total waist of money.

We make all of our own aluminium finger post sign letters and these come uniformed drilled and counter-sunk. They are supplied with a choice of either solid brass or black stainless steal fixings. Our period aluminium lettering is blasted before being etch-primed with a military grade, Zinc Chromate as used BEA Systems. This provides an execellent base coat for our tough industrial deep-base exterior, black gloss finish. We also make the orginial cast metal,fraction plates in a 1/4 1/2 3/4 together with a full set of numbers for the mileage. Just for the record, as with all of our hand crafted products, this aluminium lettering is made with the orginial imperial measurements, this is what gives our finger psot signs that classic look of the 1920s. We supply many volunteer groups up and down the country with these letters to enable them to replace the cheap, plastic alternatives. They can also be used to create your own private house signs.

Please state exactly what aluminium lettering you require and we will provide you with a quotation via our contact form below.

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