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Ugly & Embarrassing
Modern Metric Sign Clutter.

Clearly all of these vulgar not fit for purpose temporary signs now need to be removed from our rural English Countryside


Death of the Modern Metric Sign Clutter

It is the end of the road for England's ugly and intrusive modern metric road signs which have been cluttering up our historical towns, village greens and narrow county lane since their regrettable introduction back in 1964. We are being asked by a growing number of parish councils to remove their tacky not fit for purpose modern signs so that our beautifully hand-crafted black & white painted finger-post signs can take their place on a one for one arrangement.


All of our vintage cast metal or seasoned hardwood finger-post signs are made to the original feet and inches, so yes they are the real thing. We are also removing the awful modern village nameplates and replacing these with the original cast metal types used back in the 1930s, 40's & 50's. All the unsightly modern signage is now being recycled to help pay for the making of the traditional aluminium finger - post lettering which is both indestructible, looks amazing and lasts forever.


We design and construct all of our bespoke vintage signs as permanent structures rather than the embarrassing 10-year lifespan of these dreadful-looking modern metric road signs, which due to their oversize measurement end up being bashed out of shape within just a few years.

One Really Ugly Road Sign Destined For the Scrapyard..png
Beauty & The Beast. I Rest My Case..jpg
Death of the Modern Metric Sign Clutter
Death of the Modern Metric Sign Clutter
Death of the Modern Metric Sign Clutter.
Our Pre 1964 Road Signs 2.jpg
Modern Sign Clutter 7.JPG
Our Pre 1964 Road Signs 1.jpg
Modern Sign Clutter 4.jpg
Another Example of Modern Metric Sign Failure.jpg
he Time Machine.jpg
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