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period Cast Metal
village nameplates

The classic cast metal British nameplates existed back in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s but sadly started to disappear by the mid-1960s when modern signs started to take their place.

We make these cast metal signs as permanent structures. They are vandal-proof, completely non-corrosive, and designed to last for generations. We use grease-packed, stainless steel fixings that are concealed to enable simple future maintenance.

These period cast metal British nameplate signs are sand-blasted before being etch primed and painted in a deep base, black and white enamel finish, giving them a wonderful vintage look.

You should only have to ever buy a village nameplate once, so why not purchase the very best, as the current signs in wide-spread use are not fit for purpose and looks absolutely awful.

Our Large Vintage Kent Invicta Cast Metal,Village Nameplate
Our Vintage Cast Metal Village Nameplates 3
Our Traditional Vintage Kent Invita Cast Metal Village Nameplatws
Classic Invicta Kent Cast Metal Village
East Sussex County Crest
Our 1930s Kent Invicta Cast Metal Villag
Our Kent Invicta Shields.2 jpg
Our Classic Kent Invicta Cast Metal Village Nameplates.jpg
Our Classic Period West Sussex Cast Metal Village Nameplates.jpg
Our Heavy Duty Vintage Cast Metal Vintage Village Nameplate.jpg
Our Vintage Kent Invicta Cast Metal Chiddingstone Period Village Nameplate.webp
Our Bespoke Vintage 1950s Cast Metal Village Nameplates.  (2).jpg
Our Beautiful Kent Invicta Cast Metal Village Nameplate Signs E.JPG
Our Stunning Vintage Cast Metal Kent Invicta Village Nameplate Signs..JPG
Our Stunning Heavy Duty Wessex Sussex Cast Metal Period Village Nameplate..jpg
Our Vintage Cast Metal Kent Invicta Matching Village Nameplate and Finials.jpg
Our Classic Red Triangle Vintage Cast Metal Road Traffic Double Corner Signs.jpg
Our Kent Invicta Cast Metal Village Nameplate Signs.JPG

Heading 4

Any Year Before 1964 Would Do For A Start
Our Pre 1964 Road Signs 1.jpg
Our Pre 1964 Road Signs 2.jpg
Our Surrey Hills Sunse.jpg
Our Vintage 1936 K6 Telephone Box.jpg
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