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Bring back the golden age of charm and elegance ...

Britain's Hand Painted Street Furniture
Recreated, Restored and Preserved.
We hope you enjoy exploring our site,
where you will find information on our
Hardwood and Metal Finger Posts,
Village Nameplates, Lettering,
Vintage Signs and all manner of
other things treasured.


I created Finger Post Signs to help bring back the golden age of charm,  elegance, and unspoiled 1950's England of Sir John Betjeman regarding the classic black & white hand-painted street furniture from old England's roadside heritage from the best of our yesterday's. 

When people of a certain age see our classic finger - post signs replacing the ugly battleship grey modern sign clutter sadly now in widespread use throughout both historic towns, picture-postcard villages and along the miles of our rural lanes. It really lifts their spirits with a renaissance of pure nostalgia and a craving to return to this far less complicated age when everything was created to last forever when it still had the cherished Made in England stamped proudly on the label. 

Our Surrey Hills 1920's Black & White Pa

Some of our work

Classic Invicta Kent Cast Metal Village