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Bring back the golden age of charm and elegance ...

Britain's Hand Painted Street Furniture
Recreated, Restored and Preserved.
We hope you enjoy exploring our site,
where you will find information on our
Hardwood and Metal Finger Posts,
Village Nameplates, Lettering,
Vintage Signs and all manner of
other things treasured.


I created Finger Post Signs to help bring back the golden age of charm,  elegance, and unspoiled 1950's England of Sir John Betjeman regarding the classic black & white hand-painted street furniture from old England's roadside heritage from the best of our yesterday's. 

When people of a certain age see our classic finger - post signs replacing the ugly battleship grey modern sign clutter sadly now in widespread use throughout both historic towns, picture-postcard villages and along the miles of our rural lanes. It really lifts their spirits with a renaissance of pure nostalgia and a craving to return to this far less complicated age when everything was created to last forever when it still had the cherished Made in England stamped proudly on the label. 

Our Beautiful Union Flag.jpg
Our Surrey Hills 1920's Black & White Pa

Some of our work

The charming and idyllic English Countryside was perfectly captured in colour back in 1968 and brought to our first generation colour TV sets with The Avengers TV Series.  We can now see Major John Steed & Mrs Emma Peel driving around once again along miles of unspoiled country lanes and through picture postcard sleepy old villages with the return of this very popular long running TV Series that upon its release by ATV captured they imagination of a Worldwide Audience.   
A Photo of The Classic Black & White Painted Finger- Post Signs From The 1950’s England of
Photo of Major John Steed & Mrs Emma Pee
Our Vintage Warnham Finger Post Sign 1.jpg
Our Vintage Warnham Finger Post Sign 1 B.jpg
Classic Invicta Kent Cast Metal Village
Our Stunning High Spec. West Sussex Cast Metal Repair Kit Plus our Seasoned Hardwood signs

We are Very Proud of Our Hand-Crafted English Vintage Signs
which are all designed and constructed as permanent structures and made from a fine selection of non-corrosive cast alloys, stainless steel and locally selected seasoned hardwood to create signs to last for a lifetime of rural service to our Green and Pleasant Land.      
This is me back in the very early 1960’s driving my J40 Peddle Car together with our littl

This is me back in the very early 1960’s driving my Austin J40 Peddle Car together with our little dog
called Fifi.  This was photographed along our drive leading from an old black & white finger post sign situated at the entrance which directed one to either my grandparents' house called Shellbrook and our home, Villa Asphodel as well as my aunt & uncles house called Soleil Sombra. It was wonderful to be living all together as a family of 12 in a large, shared Edwardian Garden.  These were without doubt the happiest days of our lives when growing up in a small East Sussex Village.  Just out of view in this photo was an old cast metal village nameplate displaying the Red Sussex Martlets with a crested shield as well as an original cast metal glass studded 1in 5 Steep Hill sign mounted on a black and white pole with a cast metal red triangle.  This was my picture postcard World of the old 1950's England of Sir John Betjeman.  Not surprisingly I now want it all back just as it was when was a boy. Ironically this beautiful working toy car remains to this day exactly where left it back in 1966 at the bottom of my garden.  Please help me make this lifelong dream become tomorrow's reality by bringing back our traditional vintage road traffic signs, cast metal village nameplates and the classic black and white painted finger-post signs.

My favorite memory of our lovely Queen Elizabeth II is when I saw her only a few hundred yards away in the field just to the left of where this photo was taken.  Her Majesty was at this time opening The South of England Agricultural Show in our East Sussex Village.   

Our Lovely Union Flag.jpg
Thank You Your Majesty for Everything 
Our Lovely Queen Elizabeth II.jpg
We are planning to create limited edition special commemorative vintage finger- posts signs for marking the Coronation of King Charles III & Queen Camilla this year as clearly it will be a larger than life National Day to Remember in decades from now. 
We are also enthusiastic to make a limited number of special edition vintage finger-post signs to acknowledge the 70 years of public service of our late Queen Elizabeth II as this was a remarkable and selfless achievement by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II that should be remembered in the years to come.

King Charles III.jpg
Any Year Before 1964 Would Do For A Start

When we say that we wish to have all of our iconic vintage roadside street furniture back exactly as it was before 1964 we are absolutely determined to achieve this one time pipe dream because most people would fully embrace the idea of turning back the clock to this Golden age of the Post War England of Sir John Betjeman where charm and elegance still ruled the day.

Our Surrey Hills Classic 1920’s Seasoned Hardwood Ultra High Spec. Black & White Painted F
Our Pre 1964 Road Signs 2.jpg
Our Vintage Cast Metal Road Junction Sign.jpg
Our Classic Red Triangle Vintage Cast Metal Road Traffic Double Corner Signs.jpg
Our Vintage Cast Metal No Through Road Sign.webp
Our iconic Red Triangle Steep Hill Cast Metal Vintage Traffic Signs.jpg
The 1920’s Flapper Girls.jpg
Vintage MG Outside The George and Dragon Pub.jpg
This is exactly what we are seeking to achieve in your village_edited.jpg
Tiger Moth.jpg

We were so very privileged to be here in the charming Dickensian East Sussex Village of Ditchling to be a part of this very moving shared experience with the entire village turning out to show both their Love and Deep Respect for this wonderful English Lady & WW2 Icon, Dame Vera Lynn. R.I.P. 

Our Surrey Hills Sunse.jpg
If you would like to see your rural village taken back to how it would have looked in the 1950's England of Sir John Betjeman,  enter this virtual call box and telephone us now to take the first step back in time before everything started to change in the mid 1960's  
All of our period signs are beautifully hand-crafted and any machinery or power tools used for their construction as well as heating and lighting is powered by the Sun & Wind. We are not connected to the National Grid so totally dependant upon the natures Green & clean energy for creating these stunning permanent signs from the very best of our yesterdays when is was simply Feet & Inches & 21 Shillings to the British Pound Sterling back in the 1950's England of Sir John Betjeman.
Photo of our Wind Turbine in Surrey.jpg
Photo of our Surrey Hills Solar Panels.jpg
Our Vintage 1936 K6 Telephone Box.jpg
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